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  fellow friends:

  hello! sincerely welcome you to come to taishan, today i and everybodywill mount the summit together from the taishan east road.

  this big, ancient taishan has contained the rich nature and culturalaccumulating, has been included by the united nations educational,scientific and cultural organization the world nature and
the culturalheritage name list. now, we still had such to ask ” like ancient;dai zong husband how ” then, marches into together with me themountain, understands taishan’s charm.

  here is daimiao. from daimiao the start, after the dai zong work place,a fontanel, the red gate, center the fontanel, rises the immortal workplace to the south fontanel, is the road which
ancient times emperorancient rite of making sacrifices taishan passed through, now iscalled by the well-known person ” ascends to heaven scenic area” also calls the east road, is in the present
taishanmountaineering 6 roads most ancient. we will mount from this roadgoes against extremely.

  everybody noted has been palatial daimiao front, but also some smallertemple, this was ” remote senate pavilion ” was same yearemperor the ancient rite of making sacrifices taishan’s
initialstation. same year the king came when taishan held the ancient rite ofmaking sacrifices standard offers a sacrifice to, all first must in here hold simply paysrespect to the ceremony,
therefore before ming dynasty, called thiswas ” grass senate pavilion ” . when the ming  dynastyperforms the extension, changes name is ” remote senate pavilion” . although is a character is
easy, the base was reverentactually contains.

  the friends, china’s ancient architecture has the unique status in theworld construction history, this remote senate pavilion constructionidea already will stem from the ancient rite of
making sacrificesgrand ceremony from this but step by step to enter the high tide forthe prelude the need, after also will be esthetics thought manifestingwhich china ancient times first damped

  in the right noon time gate was daimiao, was even is a mysterious side.daimiao has the like this charm, decides to it own characteristic.first, its fence then is different with the general
temple, the fenceweek 1,300 meters, 5 cornerstones, on build blue big the brick, assumesthe trapezoid, gets down the width 17.6 meters, on the width 11meters, the high approximately 10 meters,
altogether have 8 is the right noon time gate, is daimiao main entrance. enters bythe right noon time gate daimiao comes, the front surface matches thefontanel, takes ” which kong
zi said; germany matches world “meaning. matches the fontanel two sides, east for works three the marquispalace, west for too , between three palaces to the wall isconnected, the constitution
daimiao among as soon as enters thecourtyard.

  crossed the kernel peaceful gate, then is grand big song tiankuang, itcalls the towering extremely palace, is this temple main body. day palace surface extravagant 9, 643.67 meters, depth of
a house 5, 17.18meters, pass the height 23.3 meters. everybody looked that, the day palace is situated above the spacious white station base,periphery the stone carving fence surrounds, the
cloud shape looksthe column uneven row, caused the day palace to have the marvelouseffect with all around environment.

  around the day palace serves with the winding corridor, has formeda big courtyard, in china’s construction, the porch plays enable thespace to have thoroughly, collects was mad, close, is
rigorous andalso is rich in the change the role, this is in the world constructionhistory all performs to praise. daimiao the winding corridor closely issurrounding a double-eaved roof
palacebig building, straight and thelofty contrast has aroused the people to day palace revering.  ourcountry the ancient architecture fully realized in world notabsolutely greatly absolutely
small, the size is produces from thecontrast, besides all around even low the winding corridor, in front ofthe day palace in the platform has also repaired two exquisiteimperial tablets
pavilions, both has highlighted the day palace,and to the grand center house holds tranquilly is comfortable,therefore the day palace certainly was not the grand twocharacters may summarize.

  slanders the back door from the day to leave, has the bricks andstones road and the latter imperial palace is connected. when songzhenzong seals taishan, because taishan will seal will be
“emperor ” the emperor must have ” latter ” thereuponthen has matched madame ” for it; shu next two ” . lookedlike from this point, daimiao if said is the taoism god governmentoffice, but also
was inferior to said likes the imperial palace, thiskind of layout had further disclosed the feudal ruler uses daimiaocarries on the political activity the utility goal.

  a moment ago, we were along daimiao main spool thread tour, butadvocates the spool thread two sides, originally in addition has 4individual courtyards, around the east side two courtyards,
first is” chinese cypress courtyard ” hands down 6 copals whichmartial emperor of han dynasty plants on in this courtyard; latter is” east imperial place ” is emperor offers a sacrifice to
theplace which taishan stays.

  here was taishan famous 18. the about 2.5 billion years ago, in timeare called as by the geologist ” taishan movement ” in theorogenesis, ancient taishan first time is vast from a piece
rises,later several vicissitudes, taishan raises submerges, the submersionraises, finally in 30 million year ago ” himalaya mountainsorogenesis ” center, taishan finally has formed today
appearance.the ancient orogenesis has accomplished south taishan the foothillsteps and ladders type rise three fault zones, on most from the cloudfoot-bridge fault zone to goes against
extremely, the elevation suddenly rises morethan 400 rice, causes this region to have the striking contrast withall around the group peak, just like checking of the pagoda, hasformed ” east day
column ” imposing manner.

  here is tight 18, also was the entire mountaineering road plate centermost difficult land sector. everybody looked that, the cliff antiquityperson’s topic engraves: ” diligently climb up ”
“wanshan ” ” altogether climbs blue scaling ladder ” …… that is encouraging us. everybody looked again that, thatshoulders hundred catties selects shan gong, again thought the same year
didnot have a non- surname chisel stone to build roads the person… … themountain does not have the word, but they can drive the people areupward. the friend, the mountaineering just like
does any enterprise,only has is dutifully upward, can defeat difficult, can arrive thehighest boundary!

  south the fontanel arrived, we have now placed oneself ” day” although we have not certainly become an immortal, but weunderstood ” in here; ascends tianshan but small world “heroics.

  has entered south the fontanel, relative is the main hall names withit is ” not porch ” porch two sides each has not beenallowed north. leaves the gate to have a mountain peak toward the
westto call ” month view peak ” on the mountain has thepavilion, famous month view pavilion. it is said, the clear sky andfresh air late autumn season, also may to as soon as look at ” inhere;
yellow river gold brings ” strange landscape: shines upon inthe setting sun under the backdrop, the big diastrophism has beendark, only some tune yellow river water, reflected sun’s glory,
likedflash the golden belt, day in place continually in same place. atnightfall, under the bright moonlight, looks obviously jinan’slamplights of ten thousand families from this the north,
therefore themonth view peak calls ” looks government office mountain ” .

  south leaves east the fontanel courtyard to fold namely for the daystreet. day street, space downtown, rich poetic sentiment place.travels to the east along the day street, center north has a
workplace, on the inscribed horizontal tablet the topic has ” lookswu shengji ” this is hands down kong zi and yan yuan sees wuguochang outside the gate a white horse’s place. north the work
placehas the kong zi temple.

  the day street most east end was the blue rosy cloud ancestral hall, igave everybody to tell the blue rosy cloud female immortal’s story.the blue rosy cloud female immortal’s predecessor is
the taishangoddess, is called as in the folk ” angel beautiful woman bluerosy cloud female immortal ” is in common people mind taishanlord, and is called as ” taishan grandma ” ” taishanold
mother ” . the populace to the taishan old mother’s period offive days belief and the affection, are burying which one kind ofhistory accumulates down in the people mind in-depth to the mother
thelove. how many year, the blue rosy cloud female immortal has woncommon people’s love, until now still lorded over summit of thetaishan, was accepting buddhism believers’ incense and
candle,summoned is going to the decoy which the township left country’s.

  good, lets us enter to the blue rosy cloud temple. 2,500 square metersplaces, have built up the entrance, the main hall, matches palace, 3 godsgates, the bell tower, the drumtower, fragrant
pavilion, long live the building,the extremely heavy tripod with two handles, the fire pond, but alsohas according to wall, the dance building, the imperial tablet pavilion… …moreover is
the imperial mountain gust of wind, the palace is copper tile,the tablet is a brass casting, glittering, solemn space palace .the taishan blue rosy cloud ancestral hall high construction skill
wasconsidered was our country ancient times the mountain    constructionmodel, the person dances to here goes on a pilgrimage certainly doesnot feel its slightly but sense its is big, the
sacred feeling arosespontaneously.  now, in taishan blue rosy cloud ancestral hallarchitectural complex an alone standard .

  leaves east the blue rosy cloud ancestral hall north the god gate tofold along the winding mountain road on again, obviously a cliffstands rock-firm, on the cliff the carved stone
proliferates,spectacular, personal ” big view peak ” . west the big viewpeak leans, on several years all stones also all has ancient’s  writingskill, area this it may be said is the open-air
calligraphy artmuseum.

  along the big view peak west the side winding mountain road on, to themost high place, on these road looked resembles the stone stepsfinally arrived terminus, here was taishan goes against
extremely — jade emperor goesagainst.

  temple of the jade emperor constructs in goes against extremely on, the red ocher wallgreen glazed tile picture was has put on a laurel crown to taishan.enters the temple by the entrance,
first saw is courtyard central” extremely capstone ” . extremely the capstone lies in center, high not full rice, surface roughness, if in elsewhere,will be together the ordinariest not place
stone. but in here, itsside has the tablet is writing: ” taishan goes against extremely  1,545meter ” . according to the geology analysis, is it, from sea troughcenter takes the lead in 30
million years ago to haunch up, it isrooted in to 1 myriameter earth’s crust deep place; is it, has severalhundred square kilometers bases, the entire place mountain is liftingit in the
request, causes it to stand tall and erect the cloud day,down to in temple of the jade emperor’s jade emperor big emperor hassimply become its patron god.

  the friends, a day-long travelling schedule already ended. hoped youcan arrive taishan to come once again. thanks everybody!






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